Ben’s volunteering trip report


I spent last weekend at the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais with my mum and some others who joined her Come2calais scheme. When I got back to school my friends asked me….
What did you do?
I mostly worked in the amazing industrial kitchen. The supervisor gave us lots of different jobs like chopping veg and mincing loads of ginger in a huge machine. The music was great and my friends stirred the huge pans of curry. I was asked to help serve the food to all the warehouse staff at lunchtime.
Why did you go?
Volunteering is part of the DofE programme and the trip looked like a bit of an adventure.
Would you go again?
Yes – It was busy and I was tired by the end of it but I enjoyed the work and learned a lot about the refugees situation. I met lots of friendly people, felt like I had achieved something and had a Maccies on the way home.!