How much will a volunteer trip cost me?

Apx £85. This covers a share of petrol, Channel crossing and 3 nights in the youth hostel. Breakfast and lunch on Fri, Sat & Sun included. Bring a packed lunch or money for refreshments on the way to Dover and budget 10 – 15 Euros for supper on Thurs, Fri & Sat nights

Each volunteer pays in advance for the hostel booking and this secures a place on the trip. I book and pay for Channel crossings in advance. On the return journey we calculate the remaining costs for the trip which are just petrol money for each driver & Channel crossing costs. This amount is divided out amongst all volunteers and can be paid to me by bank transfer or cash. The drivers are paid £90 which easily covers petrol.

What are the travel times to and from Calais?

We aim to leave Bath lapx 4.30pm on Thursday evening heading to Dover Ferry or Folkestone tunnel terminal. Both the aid warehouse and the youth hostel are about a 10 minute drive from the ferry port and tunnel terminal. We leave the charity site about 4pm on Sunday to return to Calais ferry port. If everything is on time we aim to arrive in Bath by 10pm Sunday evening.

Who will be going with me on the trip to Calais?

I , Emma (the one in the blue hat), plan and attend each convoy trip along with anyone else who wishes to come. I live on the outskirts of Bath and have visited the Calais aid warehouses a number of times, either on my own or with friends

Are there any age restrictions for volunteering?

The aid organisations requires volunteers to be 17yrs and over. The volunteers I have met range from 17yrs to 80yrs.

Is it safe to volunteer?

Calais is as safe as any city. The warehouse environment is as safe as any other busy working warehouse. If you work in the Refugee Community Kitchen you may be using sharp knives and there may be the odd forklift truck in the warehouse vicinity. Volunteers are not required to leave the confines of the warehouse if they do not wish to distribute aid in the field and many volunteers spend all of their time attending to all the much-needed tasks in the warehouse. Care2Calais charity encourage volunteers to spend time helping to hand out clothes, tea & coffee and converse with the refugees. The camaraderie is a special part of the day which many refugees really appreciate.

I want to come on one of the convoy carshare trips – what do I do next?

Please sign up below . You can indicate which dates suit you or register an interest for a future visit. We will notify you about further trip dates